about the pastry chef


a note from hana

I was born and grew up on Vancouver Island, Canada. After high school I pursued language and art studies in many places such as Spain, Italy and Mexico. Following this, I resorted back to the one thing that has always meant everything to me. Food. 

In 2001 I graduated from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, a small French school in Vancouver Canada and have been in a tornado of sweet things ever since. 

Through the whirlwind of spending the last seventeen years of my life as the Executive Pastry Chef in world class resorts, award-winning restaurants, and owning my own recognized small business, I have stuck to my roots and beliefs that come from growing up in the country surrounded by an abundance of natural food. Ingredients such as fresh fruits and dairy, along with rich chocolate and spices make my quest for seasonal and flavorful sweets, without the additives, easy. I rarely see a need to deviate from this idea.

 As well as the importance of ingredients, I believe food and art are inseparable. I enjoy using aspects of design at every stage, always paying close attention to finishing touches. I truly believe that everyone is artistic and has a strong, if subconscious, reaction to what they eat first visually. So to provide pleasure at first sight is half the battle. 

By combining food and art with a well-traveled perspective, I have found the world of pastry to be the perfect resting place. 

I strive to create small pleasures to be remembered.